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Online Professional Development Videos for Early Childhood Educators 

The Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) assists low income families with providing nutritious meals during the summer.

Diapers for the D helps out many local parents with basic needs!

Find out more about PNC's "Grow up Great" Program in Detroit.

Check out this list of available jobs in Early Childhood Education:

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Wayne State Libraries launch Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library program for campus community

The program will provide every child in the 48201 and 48202 ZIP codes with access to free, age-appropriate books delivered directly to their homes. The books arrive by mail — often the first mail a child receives — every month from birth until the child turns 5. Each book is brand new and carefully selected by a panel of experts on childhood literacy and early education.


The Importance of Play in the Contexts of Relationships in Infant, Toddler, and Early Childhood Classrooms

An article in The Atlantic (Christakis, 2016) lamented the overemphasis on academics that characterizes much of early childhood education today, noting that the preschool and kindergarten years serve more as gatekeepers than supporters and “welcoming mats” to the elementary school years, particularly for children at risk. Read the full article here.

Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute (MPSI) at Wayne State University: Student Research Fellows/Trainees

The MPSI Graduate Student Organization (GSO) consists of current doctoral students at Wayne State looking to further their research skills directly applied to their subject of passion. Read about the MPSI fellows and trainees here, along with their latest research projects.

My Son's Realization that he's "Brown" (February 2018, Author - Kim Doan)

Inspired by NAEYC's published book, "Anti-Bias Education for Young Children and Ourselves" by Louise Derman-Sparks and Julie Olsen Edwards, a NAEYC blogger incorporated her own son's experiences with the realization that he is different from the other kids in his class. The blog drives home the stages in which identity development occurs, as well as identifying what makes each child unique to build self-esteem, rather than undermine other's characteristics. Click here to read the story and here to find more stories on the blog.

Mom and Dad: Put Your Cell Phone Down, Too! (January 2018)

Child Psychologists from Temple University in Pennsylvania have just released a study emphasizing not only the importance of limiting child cell phone use, but parents limiting their use as well. This study suggests that interruptions from cell phone calls can negatively impact a child's developing language skills. The quality of conversation with children is critical for language development. Read the full article here.

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