Thank you for your interest in participating!

About the 5-a-Day Parenting Program: 

The Wayne State University Early Childhood Consortium aims to give parents in Metro Detroit support and access to resources. The 5-a-Day Parenting Program is one resource for parents. 


The 5-a-Day Parenting program was made to encourage parents of young children to do five activities every day that will help children do well once they start school. We know parents are busy - so we came up with things you can do in just short amounts of time every day. Research shows that these methods help your child become ready for school!  Interested in more details on these five activities? Follow the steps below!

The Current Project: 

If you:

  • are a parent

  • have regular access to the internet, and....

  • have a phone that receives text messages.....

then you are invited to be part of the the 5-a-Day Parenting research study and receive

$50 on your Clincard (which you received when agreeing to be in the University-Parent Partnership). 


Take a screenshot of the ID number you 

received in your text message. 

Steps to Participate: 

To participate today, you will do these three things: 

1) Read about what participating includes

2) Answer some questions about yourself and your child

3) Learn about the 5-a-Day Parenting program by going through an interactive system.  


You will receive $25 for these steps on your Clincard after these three steps are complete. Email if you have questions or concerns. 

To get started, click the "Participate!" button below. 


Then, after a month there is one more step:

  • You will be texted (or emailed) a link to do a final online survey

  • Upon completion will receive an additional $25 on your Clincard.


You will need the 3 digit ID number that you received in the text message.